Luxdent PE -

Luxdent PE started cooperation with TM SPRAVA from scratch. We didn't have our own website and we didn't understand what work needed to be done to increase patient applications. Honestly, before the beginning of cooperation with TM SPRAVA we were skeptical about Internet resources in matters of dentistry. We said that our advertising is our patients. That our potential patients are relatives and acquaintances of people who have already been to us. That no one will go for dental treatment online, but only through living recommendations. Now we understand that we were wrong. Thanks to Anna Ovsyankina, we have our own website, and the number of patients has tripled. After all, it was Anna who had to work with skeptics and people who didn't know much about creating, filling and promoting websites. In addition to increasing the number of people appealing to us, not only from Ukraine but also from abroad, we learned a lot of useful and interesting things about the promotion and content of the site. And we also got reliable partners who will always prompt and help.

We are very grateful to Anna Ovsyankina and Nadezhda Basenko for patience, courtesy, and understanding, because working with people is very, very difficult. We are also grateful to the whole team of professionals of TM SPRAVA. We do not communicate with all of you directly, but we feel your work every day. Thanks to you, our site is always at the forefront of the Internet.

Sincerely, Director Luxdent PE Popescu Svetlana Vladimirovna


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