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Every year, the global e-commerce market grows irreversibly and even exceeds the growth rate of the offline market... Mastering the online space has become a kind of challenge of the time, in which, in order to succeed tomorrow, you need to navigate today. And a business website is not the only, but the best opportunity to do this! In this article, we have collected theoretical and practical tricks that will make your site sell.

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The last weeks of the year are not only an occasion to sum up, conduct a merciless self audit and give yourself medals (and this is also necessary! Preferably, deservedly...), but it is also a great time to think a couple of steps ahead, set priorities and decide on the direction of moving forward!

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This article was prepared specifically for by our partners - the team of the largest service in the field of SEO technologies! It will definitely be interesting and, oh, how useful, we guarantee! Enjoy reading

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After reading this short text, you will better understand the reports from contractors who are setting up advertising for your project. And you will know which “points” to check after setting up an advertising campaign. Forward!

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Live chat is truly one of the best ways to make your website more effective in terms of sales. And a very budget friendly way. And often completely free!

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