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Imagine the situation: for example, two companies are operating in the legal services market. Both rely on content marketing and write quality content. The articles of one of them are constantly at the top of search results, while the articles of another rarely get even on the first page. What could be the reason?

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We offer you a guest article from Jooble.

Linkbuilding (from English "link" - reference, "building" - construction) is an element of external optimization of the site. This method involves improving the position of a particular page or site in the search engine through a large number of links to them from other sources. It is no secret that users surveyed only the first pages of the search engine for a particular request. The closer the site (or page) is to the top of the list, the more chances that this very source is used.

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Let me guess: are you an entrepreneur or business owner? Or maybe a marketer? Or the same employee of a small company who was entrusted with the "sacred" - sales ... In any case, if you are here, then you probably know that the main pain in any field is the search for specialists who can be trusted. We will share our experience with you and hopefully be useful.

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22 articles and 12 cases on the account of the “SPRAVA” team in 2021! It turned out to be a beautiful number ... :) We tried very hard to make each material not only interesting, but also could help in the development of your project! And judging by the number of views, we did manage to do something. Today, let's recall the seven most informative and readable of these materials in case you missed something ...

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